Are We There Yet?

The Filmmaker
Homeschool Family w/Seven Daughters

Behind the Scenes
Filmed in Upstate NY/June 2010.

Timberdoodle has enriched our homeschooling experience and made traveling with seven children more enjoyable, but without God it would be impossible – For without Him, we can do nothing. Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Timberdoodle Products In This Video

Meta-Forms, Lauri Puzzles, Pathway Readers and Zoologic.

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  • Granola Guy 06.15.2010

    Other Products Purchased From Timberdoodle in this Video:

    Catch the Match
    Rush Hour
    Mighty Mind

  • Awe…this was really good. :-) I love it! It’s never fun to hear…”are we there yet?” for hours on end. :-)

  • I thought this video had great timing and who hasn’t heard their kids ask “are we there yet”? Timberdoodle has some of the best hands on materials making important neurological connections while kids are having fun!!!

  • Can’t help but love those girls!

  • rb

    Cute video. I like how it shows you can use the products in a real situation.

  • Great job! My daughter likes it too.

  • I can relate, but we have 5 boys!

  • Very cute and well done!

  • Loved this reality of the life of carschooling families! Nice job!

  • This is definitely our favorite! Short, sweet, and to the point. What a darling group of girls! On the practical side, it shows a real purposeful use of Timberdoodle’s great products.

  • JMF

    Creative, cute, sweet. I can totally relate.

  • Awwww, I love it! Cute little girls. Yay for homeschooling!

  • VERY cute video!

  • Short, sweet, to the point.

  • I can definitely relate to that one! Very cute and clever!

  • As a mom of 6 girls who had to travel from WI to SD when they were younger to see family , I for sure know how long road trips can be with children in that age group. I will pass that on to my girls who are all grown with their own families now.

  • A very entertaining way to show a very real way to use the great Timberdoodle’s products!

  • Really enjoyed this! :-D Hope it gets the vote!

  • Very enjoyable. Applicable to the homeschooling family! great job

  • I think this one should be Timberdoodle’s commercial!

  • This was really well done, especially for a home-produced video, besides the fact that it incorporated Timberdoodle’s products very creatively.

  • Good Job! Beautiful family, too.

  • I know those girls! But even if I didn’t, this was really fun to watch, and to see all the familiar Timberdoodle products.

  • Great Video, we also have all girls (4), and it can be hard to keep them entertained in the car!

  • I love the way you went from a dreary “before” Timberdoodle to the colorful “after”.

  • Makes me want to get some of those great things!

  • We’ve been there. We travel frequently, so this one hit home for us. Cute!

  • Fantastic! Very nicely done!

  • I never grow tired of watching this video!

  • bb

    Very nicely done

  • It was hard to choose b/t this video and the one I ultimately thought was my top pick, but I enjoyed the video very much.

  • I couldn’t help but vote for it!

  • This video is adorable! Seven girls homeschooling what a blessing!

  • Such a lighthearted, REAL video that any family can relate to, no matter where we live! Thanks for doing such a fantastic job portraying how awesome Timberdoodle is, for all ages & interests. We loved your video — we are a family of eight and can TOTALLY relate!

  • Two thumbs UP… make that 14 thumbs UP from the Rob’s! We love Timberdoodle, and we love YOU! I’m sure that your video will strike a chord with many others out there:) Great job!

  • This video really hit home! Since Timberdoodle was there, no parents had to threaten to pull that van over!

  • Definitely makes travel easier! You hit the nail on the head with this video! Thanks!! Super cute too!

  • we have all heard that before LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A great job loved it !

  • Are we there yet? It seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before.

  • Are we there yet is something we have all heard time after time. It just goes with the territory. Great job!!! Very cute!

  • Very nice! Loved the calm cello music after Timberdoodle came to the rescue!

  • I couldn’t believe you made that ad, it was so natural. What a great idea to keep kids busy constructively. The girls weren’t acting; they obviously were enjoying themselves with their various Timberdoodle products.

  • Love this commercial! I love how you went from black and white to color to contrast the differences in attitudes, emotions, and overall spirit. The girls are beautiful! The music is great, too. Nice job!

  • No more complaining. Peace and quiet in the car. The parents are happy and the girls are happy. Win, win thanks to Timberdoodle.

  • Sounds great! Send me a catalog! I don’t like travel time to be ‘wasted’ time!

  • Made me want to find out more about Timberdoodle. The girls did a fantastic job:)

  • Looks great!! I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this!!! :)

  • Great video! I can totally relate! We love Timberdoodle! :)

  • Cute! I loved the use of black and white and then switching to color when the Timberdoodle catalog opened! The peaceful music was great too!

  • Very nicely done I like it.

  • nice commercial. cute kids. good products!

  • cute girls! Loved the way you did the video! And….. I’m gonna be talking to you about those products!!:)

  • This is very cute and spot on! Timberdoodle’s “toys” are my kids favorites (and, shhh! They don’t know they’re educational!)

    Hope you win!

  • My kids can relate to boredom in the car! :) Cute video!

  • Well done. Great Job!

  • I like Timberdoodle!

  • We love Rush Hour. Enjoyed the video.

  • Cute. I definitely will bring our Timberdoodle things in the car now.

  • Love it! Funny, yet so true to life! Nicely done! Hope you win!

  • REALLY CUTE!!! What parent hasn’t been there and done that!!
    Acitivities to keep hands and minds busy in the car really help!

  • I thought the part where Neil yells is neat!

  • Ahhh…. long road trips + lots of children = Timberdoodle to the rescue!!! Great Work! (Nice van!)

  • I couldn’t help but smile the whole way through watching this! It brought memories back of when we traveled together with our nine children.

  • I loved this! Inspired me to look at Timberdoodle for ideas to keep our own crew of 4 kids busy on our next long trip!

  • RB

    good job! I hope you get the vote:)

  • Cute and definitely true to life! What parent hasn’t heard this on long trips.

  • “I have to go potty!” Cute!

  • This ones great!! Your products really are entertaining!

  • Good video guys!

  • I like it! and I liked to see my friends. It was funny!

  • good way to keep the kids quiet.

  • I don’t like going on long trips, what a neat video! I want Timberdoodle!

  • Joy

    Great job. I can relate to the “I have a headache” part :) .

  • I thought that part of Lillian was so Lillieish!!

  • “How much longer?” I say that all the time!

  • Great job! I luv those girls!

  • Our friends just had triplets and we’re sure to to pass website on to them. No doubt they will need something like this! Your Neil and Marlene, your children are as beautiful as they are nice. Can’t wait to see you at the market.

  • This is a great video! We love Timberdoodle products too, and have many of these at home. We can totally relate to the road trip theme!

  • Thoroughly the best of them all. Loved how you did the contrasts. Good show on how Timberdoodle products can help long trips go by far more peaceably. Our family was in complete agreement.

  • My daughter homeschools and uses Timberdoodle products. As a grandmother I am in full support of them, especially with products as great as these!

  • Very well done. The difference in the car trip before Timberdoodle and after was awesome. Love it and hope you win!

  • Jen

    Awesome….you guys did a great job.

  • Good job. It was great “seeing” you all again.

  • Very cute and well done, hope you guys win!

  • I thought it was great. Very CUTE indeed. Are we there yet has never been said sweeter!

  • I luv timberdoodle!!

  • Amy

    This one was so cute!

  • Wow!! Very neat-we are just contemplating 60+ hours in the van with our children, those look like some fun and educational trip ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Well done. You should never be bored when traveling by car.

  • Awww….. love it!!!!!

  • I like this one. Good music choice, too.

  • Short and sweet but still gets the point across. Timberdoodle has the answer to the question…”I’m bored!”

  • This is the best video!

  • Great video and who doesn’t need something to occupy children in the car?

  • Lee

    Hey nice Clip.. :)

  • CUUUUTE! Really great. “I have to go potty”, too.

  • …hates long trips.

  • You guys did a wonderful job. I hope you win!!

  • Is that scream Neil ? Sure sounds like him.

  • I really liked watching your video clip.

  • This is a great commercial for Timberdoodle!

  • I loved seeing the girls, they did a great job!

  • Real sweet! Reminds me of when we picked you up from the airport. Are we there yet?!!

  • Cute! The girls are so sweet.

  • Pam

    So cute…glad I got to see the girls I don’t get to see at market.

  • Good job girls!

  • This video is too cute and very true to life. My children and I enjoyed it and are tempted to purchase some of those “quiet in the car” supplies! :-)

  • Good job. I recognize one of my favorite games…Rush Hour.

  • Yeah! Love this. Such a beautiful family.

  • JR

    What smart girls. Great editing.

  • so funny! and very sweet. absolutely True <

  • Una

    Everyone did a great job.

  • Hilarious. Two thumbs up!

  • Our nation needs more wholesome ads like this

  • Joy

    We can all relate to this!!! I love how you used black and white and then changed to color. Very nice affect. Fantastic advertisment for Timberdoodle.

  • Cute video. Neat looking Timberdoodle products.

  • Good clip, and great ideas to keep the children occupied while traveling!

  • Been there with the clan! Wish I’d known about Timberdoodle!

  • Great Job, guys

  • Great video; I hope you win!

  • Great job! Brings back many memories………As a matter of fact……….wonder if Timberdoodle”s would still work for our road trips…..Smile.

  • I really liked this. Hope you win.

  • That was really, really funny and I liked it.

  • I love this one! How did you do that van shot at the beginning? Great!

  • Adorable! Every driver’s nightmare, and you make it sound like a dream.

  • I love this one! It is so true!

  • I was really impressed with this video. It was tastefully done!

  • All you girls did a great job, very cute.

  • The best commercials are short and they captivate your attention. You did it!!! The girls are all so precious. The music was appropiate and attention grabbing.

  • Great video! Sounds like our van…guess we need some Timberdoodle stuff too!

  • Rush hour is my FAVORITE!!

  • I think this video is the best!

  • nice job, well done

  • Nice job girls…Wonderful scream Neil!!

  • Love the video ! Wonderful Family :) and great products !!

  • Great video clip! Timberdoodle has some great products.

  • Very Cute! One of our favorites.

  • Awwww. I really liked this video, great job. I think you’ve got some of the most adorable girls.

  • BC

    This was very cute & very well done!!

  • KC

    Really great job on the cinematography! My Mom and I really enjoyed.

  • TC

    Nice going. I liked the music to the second part.

  • Neat what you can do with Timberdoodle products!

  • Very sweet! :)

  • I loved this!!!


  • Really great on-the-go toys!

  • very cute and really well done. thank you for sharing with me.

  • i think this is a great idea!

  • i hope you win, you deserve to!

  • you guys look great – thank you.

  • i loved seeing you all on the video.

  • it was nice seeing the girls again. i hope you win.

  • i really liked this

  • the film was made very well and the concept is brought out

  • been there, done that (the first part that is)

  • i like the clip, really well done

  • this is a great idea. i wish my parents would get me some stuff for trips…

  • nice to see this.

  • i am very pleased that you will win at least something, you guys and your girls richly deserve it.

  • i vote for this one hands down – it is very cute

  • great made clip and pretty girls.

  • nice video and great family

  • i liked this one the best.

  • lol – this was a wonderful one. i love you guys!

  • True to life for a large family!

  • How sweet and real.

  • Great before and after Timberdoodle video! Very true to life and every parent can relate to this! Shows very well the Timberdoodle products! Good job!

  • Soooo cute! I wonder if my parents will buy us Timberdoodle?

  • Mom, Can we look through the Timberdoodle catalogue?

  • I’m totally gaga googoo over this one!

  • So Cute!! The video was so true!!

  • MA

    Nice to see your family! Good luck, I hope you win, I gave you a thumbs up vote.

  • I keep asking Mama to show me the video again. I really like it!

  • Hey, I think we need to order some Timberdoodle products before our very long, very big, very extensive family trip in a few weeks!

  • Yeah, that’s a good one!

  • So funny ;) You have a wonderful family. Can’t picture any of your girls asking “Are we there yet?” Maybe that’s because I know you use Timberdoodle products ;)

  • This is the BEST!

  • Great choice in music. Good job!

  • This is GREAT! I hope you win.

  • love it! this is a great video!

  • Awesome ad! Can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into making to as well!

  • Really like this video and really love this family!

  • Great video – Left me speechless!

  • Love this video, it was VERY well done!

  • Timberdoodle products are sooo versatile!

  • Great job everyone!

  • JTM

    Where’s that catalog?

  • What an awsome family and the children are such a blessing. Look what Timberdoodle can do for a family that wants constructive education. Wish I had the information when my sons were little.

  • I love Timberdoodle!

  • I loved when Mom played the video. It is cute!

  • Good job girls!

  • Very well done.

  • Very creative, and I sure can relate to this, as I had two daughters, but how do you do it with seven?

  • This is very cute!

  • So nice!!! Very cute family!

  • Nice clip girls!!

  • WE thought this was great! Good job! Yea, for Timberdoodle!

  • Well done and enjoyable.


  • Very funny; I liked it a lot. Nice music, too. I like how you went from color to black and white and then back to color.

  • I like when the little girl has to go potty because I am four, too, and I know what that feels like.

  • Great video Sounds familiar

  • Rush Hour one of my Favorite

  • Great video very cute.

  • I think we need timberdoodle!

  • I’m 4 too,and i like playing with rush hour

  • I know all about boring travels

  • I like this video

  • Adorable girls!

  • This video gets my vote. It looked like a professionally done commercial for Timberdoodle and the kids were so sweet! Loved every minute of it!

  • I vote for this one.

  • Very Cute, I Like it a lot!

  • Kim

    Are we there yet, what a great idea to film on! Good job!

  • So cute, you all did a great job. I love those girls!!! :)

  • I want Timberdoodle!

  • Fantastic! –Realistic and yet Artistic. I think it will get people’s attention!

  • Very cute and creative video. I loved the black and white with the switch to color. Great job!

  • Great job…maybe this should be timberdoodles new commercial :)

  • I love this video! I like timberdoodle too

  • What a surprise to see you on video! Great job

  • How captivating

  • Well done. Very cute!

  • Great family skit, gets the message across and is funny.

  • What a great video! Love it

  • Fantastic video! Well done.

  • great movie!!! I loved the little girl in the car seat! Too cute!

  • So great ! Love it !

  • Great video ! Nice family !

  • Can we watch it again ?!?!

  • I wanna watch it again, and again, and again ……. : )

  • Dat Phoebe !!!!!!!!!!!!!! : D

  • ha ha ha ha ha !! : D

  • Very interesting. So funny.

  • By the way, adults ask that questions too, and sometimes compete with children for Timberdoodle toys! (Voice of experience here)

  • Good job White family. We know about traveling too, we’ve been across the country 3 times with children.

  • Oh I love things that make children happy travelers!!!!

  • Your all so sweet! Cutest comercial Iv ever seen!!!!!!
    Im so excited to see you all soon!!!!!!!!!

  • Tasha has the cutest cousins. Oh yea timberdoodle looks fun!

  • Looks like something my 3 little kids might enjoy in the car. No messes would be nice.
    Cute family.


  • Homeschooling is the way to go. Looks like Timberdoodle is a very helpful tool in more than one way.

  • Beautiful family. PRODUCTIVE video. Good concept.
    Fun RELAXING Educational Family Road Trips Thanks to Timberdoodle’s products.
    Wish I would of heard of Timberdoodle when my kids were younger.

  • lil

    wonderful visual of a practical situation.
    enjoyed the video.

  • Timberdoodle appears not only to be educational but entertaining as well.
    Nice commercial and good job girls.

  • Oh I love this! Wonderful little actresses!

  • This is a great practical answer to that all to real “nagging” question “are we there yet?”

  • Wonderful. This answers it best!

  • Love this video. I can totally relate. I have used products in Timberdoodle for the very same purpose! Happy traveling :)

  • Great job girls; nice solution to a real life problem.


  • This was a simple but well done video. It realy shows how Timberdoodle’s products can make a difference between an ordinary car ride and a real fun and exciting one.

  • wws

    Way to go girls. Looks like a winner to me.

  • I really like how you made this video. You did a great job! All of the girls were really sweet, too!

  • nice job, white family!

  • Tim

    nice job…did you guys make it there?

  • Great video – reminds me of the days when we would play games in the car as a family of seven traveling up the the Adirondacks!

  • doc

    Wow! Dynomite! Tremendous and True to Life.

    What a marvelous testimony for Timberdoodle.

  • That was so sweet.

    Like your children, Timberdoodle is a blessing.

  • Blessings and good luck in the contest.

  • Well filmed! Smooth, the kids truly looked like they were relaxed and having fun

  • Love the opening camera angle, the music, but especially the way black&white changes to color when they break out theTimberdoodle products.

    Cute kids acting like real kids do on a trip!

  • Great job! Love to watch the faces change from boredom to excitement!

  • I think we’re gonna get there after all.

  • I loved it! What a great innovative video! Such a great way to show how to make use of car time productively using the Timberdoodle homeschool products. These White children deserve a prize!!!

  • LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this video

  • Amy

    Love it! So true to life, and I love the classical, calm music that plays AFTER the girls get their hands on some Timberdoodle merchandise. Too cute!

  • Nice to see such a beautiful family who appreciate the simple things in life.
    Education is a must.

  • Looks like Tasha will have alot of fun. Share Timberdoodle with ehr so she can tell me about it K. Sounds fun! Internet does not work in the car. :(

  • I hope you guys win! Oh So Sweet!

  • I really enjoyed this video. It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really showed what fun you can have on a trip in a van.

  • Cute commercial, pretty family.

  • Really enjoyed the simplicity of the video yet very true to real life.
    Why are you not in 1st?

  • My family homeschools. This is something I will definately tell my son about.
    Cute family…..

  • Sam

    Wonderful job Brother Neil.

  • Sam

    What cute girls

  • What a family you are! How true to life!

  • I liked to see Phoebe

  • Ben

    I want to play with you! I liked to see your van.

  • A challenge every mother remembers! Great pump priming thoughts for activities to do in the car!

  • Good job….it sure helps the DRIVER–FATHER when happy campers are in the vehicle!

  • Rip-roarin’ fun on the road!

  • It brought back MEMORIES of Mom’s bags and boxes of “activities” otherwise known as sanity savers for travelers!

  • Good job girls!! I like the music on the 2nd part.

  • Hi this is the Grandpa of the intelligent play kids. You guys did a nice job.

    I hope this message doesn’t make you bet them by one vote!

  • Hi guys,
    you all are so cute. I want pictures please.

  • What a great video! Your girls did a great job!

  • My mom orders from Timberdoodle too!
    Creative video!

  • Slick production! I want to watch it over and over and over and over again:)

  • Long car rides can be a bit boring, but having something fun to do makes it so much better! Great acting and fun video!

  • you girls are so cute. Take care of my bestest friend Tashie Washie K.

  • I love Timberdoodle too!

  • Awwwwww how sweet!!!!!

  • Great video….. a job well done!

  • You should win!!!!!

  • A perfect commercial for great products- we can all identify!

  • Were praying for you to win. I think it’s in god’s plan………


  • Are we there yet?

  • real cute video.

  • hi. awesome cousin of yours said to watch this. i think your all are awesome.
    oh yea the video is awesome too.



  • timberdoodle looks like oodle n oodles of fun.

  • good filming,greatscream,wonderful video.

  • you all did a super duper job.

  • lee


  • nm

    I really am interested in learning more about what Timberdoodle has to offer.
    Thanks for sharing your family times with us.

  • extremly fun commercial to watch.

  • aam

    How did you discover Timberdoodle?

  • My oldest daughters just turned 5 and 4. I have twin boys ages 15 months. I am anticipating homeschooling as I am expecting again. I will definately be looking into Timberdoodles tools.

  • Nice video. wheres the sequel?

  • Top Notch Clip! Should be THE Timberdoodle Commercial..

  • finally a clip thats not only cute nn educational but also realalystic.

  • I wish you the best of god’s blessing’s for your family.
    I beleive you guys are winners.

  • Sweet as apple pie!.

  • We have enjoyed a small variety of timberdoodle products however not the ones displayed for the younger children in your clip. Tho we have never seen a Timberdoodle advertisement so real to everyday life. Great idea. I want it now. Long road trip to the city tomorrow.
    Are we there yet is a guarenteed tune we will be hearing in a whiny pitch tomorrow. Wish we would have seen this earlier.
    I will just have to remember: It might appear as whining yet it is still a blessing, one day our children will be grown and we will miss those good ol days including the whininy younger days and begin to look forward to our grandkids voices saying Are we there yet. Oh memories.
    God Bless and good luck.

  • way to go girls.

  • You all are very pretty n sweet just like me.

  • Nice idea to go from boring black n white to Timberdoodle excited color.

  • good job to all of you. very creative.

  • fun fun fun. like it alot.

  • Cute family. Fun idea.

  • What a great way to use your resources.

  • such a beautiful family.

  • JR

    Congrats. You all did a super sweet job.

  • Do they ever get tired of being so cute?

  • I love timberdoodle too.

  • Timberdoodle should contract your family for all their advertisements. Very photogenic family.
    Well mannered polite n sweet girls are so adorable.

  • !Well done! Best Iv seen!

  • Editing is well done.


  • God has blessed you with many blessings in the form of beautiful daughters.

  • MTP

    Nice job! I enjoyed every second of it.

  • I am a grandpa of 9 homeschool children. All the children enjoyed your video and like timberdoodle.

  • I hope you win.

  • I enjoyed it too.

  • Timberdoodle has helped entertain our children too.

  • Nicely done.

    Cute actresses.

  • Well done! Hope you win.

  • I hope you win. You are the bestest.

  • Nice family and good job.

  • Come on everyone. Please email and call everyone you know.
    Your bank teller, your congregation,your co- workers, extended family, your local car dealerships, your choir instructor, local day camps,the gas station attendant,your Dr,your pharmacist. Get the idea? Anyone and everyone. Allow them to watch the cutest commercial ever and ask them to post a comment. This family deserves to win 1st place.
    God Bless and Thank You.

  • Great job you guys!

  • These girls are so darling!

  • This is SO ADORABLE!!!

  • Timberdoodle is very useful in many ways.
    I know we can get 50 more people to vote.. It’s a small challenge I know we can accomplish.
    Cute Family. I’m bored n got a head ache too on long trips.

  • I liked it! Good job!

  • You have a lot of supporters in Washington. We heard most of you are Washingtontonions at birth.
    Nice family.

  • Real sweet and aw so real. Timberdoodle has saved me from a few unhappy travels.

  • What a great idea for a video showing homeschool products! You couldn’t say no to this!

  • I really liked this video! What a great way to travel with children!

  • It’s such a good video! Really inspirational !

  • Absolutely loved it.

  • cool video traveling peace at last

  • good job! hope you guys win.

  • nice job on the video. good luck

  • excellent! very good

  • The best! God bless you all!

  • Great Job!!!!! Everyone looks great

  • Great toys on a long trip!!

  • This looks really good !!!

  • Intertaining video………

  • Awesome idea. Take care of my little sister Natasha and remind her I said to be good.
    Thank you. Maybe she can fly to Hawii next to visit me.
    :) Hi mom! :)

  • Cute big girls helping the liddle girls. I help my liddel sisters two.

  • Al

    Nice family. Hope you win.

  • Good to know there’s something you can do until you’re there!

  • I thought this was cool.

  • My friends are on a video! Neat!

  • I like the White’s video the best!

  • Way to go! Loved it!

  • Enjoyed seeing such a polite family of girls.

  • Are we there yet? Looks like you will definately receive atleast some sort of place.
    Hope it’s 1st. With such a large family, hear one more is to arrive any day now, you will definately need the educational funds. Let me get this right, soon to be a family of 10? WOW! Lots of toothpaste.

  • Enjoyed the video!

  • Nice group of girls.

  • We’re not there yet! Keep going!!!! :)

  • Sky

    Beautiful Family………………..

  • hey i count too.

  • Cute video. Doing good, not much longer and not much further to go.
    Keep it up.

  • dea

    cute commercial.. nice idea. great filming.

  • Jr


  • mom

    enjoyed the color change idea.

  • Hi guys. Nice to see you girls again.

  • enjoyed the entire thing.

  • Good JOB to the White family.

  • You have the best commercial out there, Brady Bunch Theme second.

  • Did the dad film this? Good Job?

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