The Quest for Timberdoodle

About This Video
“The Quest for Timberdoodle” is a video adventure featuring several Timberdoodle products by Charlie (13) and Mariesa (10), with a bit of help from Mom!

Timberdoodle Products Seen In This Video:

Famous Figures of Ancient Times, Stop Motion Animation Kit, Lonpos, 10 Days in Europe, Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, and Teaching Textbook Math 6.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009. Filed under: Animation Films Jr. Filmmakers The 2009 Video Entries

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  • Christine 07.15.2009

    I loved this video!! Very creative!!

  • Di

    Love it! History buffs everywhere … seeking Timberdoodle! And the history buffs at our house hadn’t seen those figures yet. Hmmm. Better go take a look. :-)

  • Clever! You’ve made me want to order the history figures.

  • I’m voting for this video!

  • Original and consistent throughout. I like the innovative way they incorporated the company products into the video.

  • Using the history figures was very creative and a great represenation of Timberdoodle material.

  • This one gets my vote because it brought several very different products together in a creative story that captures one’s interest and gets the viewer interested in the various elements!

  • I liked it the creativity and synergy between product and entertainment. This is our second vote. Fantastic work!

  • Great work and very creative!

  • I vote for video #25

  • I would like to vote for video #25

    In Christ,
    Suzanne Ruckman

  • Great video. We are going to be studying this time period this year and my son is entralled with Roman armies.

  • Overall, and for meeting the purpose, I would vote for

    Video entry #25 Silva family

  • Great Job Charlie and Mariesa and mom too. I vote for video entry #25, Silva Family, it’s a winner.

  • I wish my grasp of geography was that good!

  • Great way to show off many different products with a wonderful story line!

  • Awesome. I liked that there were a variety of products used-very creative! : )

  • Great Job! Creative and well put together. This one wins my vote.

  • A pleasure to watch. Well done!

  • Charlie, Mariesa, and Mom,
    It is such a delight to see how you used the figures from our first book to make your video. What an inspiration for my children (who have been playing with the figures the whole time the book was being developed)!
    We really enjoyed how you combined many different products in the story line. History is our favorite subject, we thoroughly enjoyed this!
    Our vote is with your video (trying not to be biased :D )
    Cathy Diez-Luckie
    Creator of Famous Figures of Ancient Times

  • Yup, this one is a winner :)

  • I liked the video of contestants #25. Good presentation!

  • I would like to vote for #25 The Silva Family!

  • This one has my vote!! #25 The Silva FAmily. Adorable!! Well done.

  • My vote goes to #25. Excellent creativity and fun to watch! Makes me want to check out all the timberdoodle products for our homeschoolers!

  • This video was wonderful!! But perhaps I am a bit biased also. The creator of the book, Figures of Ancient Times, is my daughter, Cathy. She has done a wonderful job in creating exciting figures that can be played with in many different ways. Thank you, Silva Family, for your great creativity. I sure hope you do more like this.
    I can’t wait until the next contest. Perhaps Cathy’s book on dinosaurs will be out by then….

  • Great job Silva’s!!
    How fun and creative, love the voices too!
    Makes me want to open up a timberdoodle catalog and order something : )
    We vote for #25

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